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Our Journey Begins in Ireland

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Travel Dates:  September 18- 27, 2017 (10 Days, 9 Nights).  

The Sights of Ireland

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Explore the Ancient Past

Deepen your knowledge, activate your knowing, connect to nature.
27Starseed Ireland NewgrangeBob Dylan Thea's Heart, LLC.

Ancient Stone 

Explore Megalithic Structures with like-minded star seeds
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Coastal Views

From the Irish Sea to the Wild Atlantic Way
18Starseed Ireland Sunset chaser Thea's Heart, LLC.

Stunning Sunsets

Coastal Sunsets, Equinox Alignments, Dark-Sky panoramic views of galaxies.  
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Inspirational Accommodations

When the views from the inside are in harmonic resonance with the landscape.

My passion for soul travel starts with an amazing itinerary that attracts heart-centered soul travelers and provides opportunities for expanded consciousness. 

"I have just returned from my sacred travel trip to Ireland, led by Althea. I have to say, the first and most obvious comment I have after being home for two weeks is... "how taken of"  I felt on the trip...everything was thought out for me, and any change in plan was decided as a collective, this made me feel I could openly and freely, just show up for whatever Ireland had in store for me. From the physical logistics of moving a dozen people while circumventing the country, for having beautiful places to rest our heads at night, and finally, to the well planned out visits to amazingly powerful sacred sites all over Ireland... but for me the most important part was and continues to be, the deep spiritual presence, support, and love, Althea imbued for each one of us and to our group as a collective. The power of love was ever present between all of us, the participants, and from Althea to each one of us individually. This trip is NOT, I repeat NOT for the faint of heart because as you are physically exploring and taking in a far-off location, you are simultaneously on the most intimate journey back to the power of your own heart. This was for me and continues to be a Beautiful, Powerful and Life-changing Experience...if your first inclination is to go on a sacred adventure...GO!" - Zina, New Jersey

"A Spirit-directed and meticulously researched and beautifully organized tour itinerary was the 'Kerbstone' of our sacred journey across vast areas of Ireland. This was an exceptional heart-opening experience infused with love and mystical faery, galactic, womb tomb and waterfall medicine. A special group of starseeds gathered and we experienced grace in transformational ceremony at a multitude of Neolithic sacred sites among sheep, cows, rocks, flowers, dolphins, horses, fox and birds. The majesty of the many Wild Atlantic Way vistas (and rainbows) contrasted with lanes and farms of deep green pastoral splendor. Part of the renewing outcome for me personally was to touch the ancient in community with fellow Consciousness seekers.  Althea is a wonderful leader. She helped us build community, gathered local experts to share their special knowledge, artfully guided us boldly and gently in love. Melding of the sacred ancient archeology, myth and feminine energy led to an awareness for me of the fluidity of timelines. By exposing us to the depth and breadth of ancient sacred sites with our feet rooted on the ground and spirit celestially swirling, it will be a long while until I integrate my special and rich experiences." – Patricia W., Massachusetts

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