Our Journey Started in Sydney



State Capitol of New South Wales.

Our starseed journey began in Sydney, one of the most multicultural cities in the world where over 250 different languages are spoken.  Our delegation met with UFOR, Sydney's UFO research group established in 1991 and dedicated to open-minded awareness in the field of UFO's and extra-terrestrials.  We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with and learn from published author's, contactees, experiencers, and free thinkers in a supportive environment.  We were also given the opportunity to share our unique experiences or ask questions for the benefit of all.  Our hotel served as a base while we took in some of Sydney's iconic sights, including a day visit to the mysterious Blue Mountains at -33-degree latitude which is known for ET activity. We experienced the scenic tramway to view the Three Sisters and walked to rainforest waterfalls.  Sydney was our final rest stop before flying once more to Uluru.

Image: Sydney. 





Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Central Australia

Moving into the heart of the northern territory of central Australia, our journey allowed us to connect with Uluru, a sacred aboriginal site.  Considered an earth chakra to some and a stargate to others, we explored the yang energy of Uluru and the yin energy of Kata Tjuta.  Viewing aboriginal art, amazing sunsets, and sunrises.  Our stay allowed us to integrate, activate, and perform ceremonial work.  As well as, just plain fun.  We took advantage of spa services and shared heart-centered company with a delegation of attendees from UFO Research group in Sydney.

Listen to Althea discuss Starseed Australia Adventure on Starseed Radio Academy, click here.




Gosford Glyphs 

Gosford, Central Coast of New South Wales

After arriving back into Sydney, we traveled by car along the central coast highway to our beach home.  While exploring the Gosford area, we held ceremony inside a sacred woman's birthing cave to give rise to the new energies and intentions, felt the benefits of the Pleiadian healing table, and gained sacred knowledge and understanding from Gosford Glyphs.   We attended a local gathering of international speakers who shared their powerful wisdom, unscripted and raw.  At Kariong, also known as 'the beginning place,' Nina Angelo, our local guide for both days, provided an aboriginal perspective of the land.  Nina Angelo spent years learning from Darkinjung elder, Aunty Beve Spiers who was the last initiated Aboriginal elder and custodian of this land.  With our heart-centered guide, we viewed the proto-Egyptian glyphs, aboriginal engravings, as well as off-planetary ones.  In the evenings, we took in the beauty of our niche beach home nestled on the coastal edge of Copacabana and MacMasters Beach.  We completed this galactic journey back in Sydney with an impromptu whale tour where several whales and their calves were breaching and spouting for an epic two-hour tour off the coast of Sydney Harbor.  

Image: Gosford Glyphs, Kariong. 

Travel Dates:  September 30, 2016 through October 11, 2016 (12 Days, 11 Nights).

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