Exploring Consciousness

My days meld into the other - “what day is it” becomes routine comedy in our home.  My husband’s humorous response, “time to get a calendar!” I now have appointment calendars in every room, a remedy from a week of “Who’s On First.” The start of October resulted in an Abbott & Costello comedy of certainty. Prior to energetic sessions, I meditate within the quantum field while waiting for a client to telephone me.  Like Pavlov’s bell, I respond to the stimulus, I answer by saying hello to Debra (names have been changed to protect the innocent).  But it’s not Debra, its Amy.  That’s weird, I had an appointment with Debra.  Amy insists.  Hum…so I attend to Amy and off we go into the field.  Turns out, I did have an appointment with Debra.  Amy’s appointment was on the same day and hour but the following week.  Ah, but it doesn’t stop there.  Debra takes her bumped appointment in strides. I squeeze her in and we too venture into the quantum field.  Apparently, I’m not the only one feeling the effects of expansion, suspension of time, isness - because Debra and Amy were precursors of what was to unfold throughout the week.  The pattern of confusing-certainty surfaced with other clients, one called in an hour early while another forgot entirely.  Odd.  Spontaneity was in motion.  Any semblance of control, worthless.  
Flowing onward, the tidal waters turned in favor of clockwork, all appointments for the following two weeks in October were received with regularity and consistency.  Paper appointment calendars were rarely consulted, each client readily rang me up to explore consciousness. Now sessions with clients are neither better nor worse than one another, everything unfolds as needed and I trust the evolutionary process of spirit.  Yet, the final weeks in October met my criteria for open source sharing:  any pattern that replicates more than 3 times and by 3 different people.  In this case, each and every client demonstrated a consistent pattern which I refer to as Diamond Consciousness, a name that simply reflects the view.  Utalizing inner sight, an energetic signature will appear within a client’s bio-energetic field to express their current state of consciousness.  Remember, sacred geometry is nature’s way of communicating structure.  Geometry is also a universal language for consciousness.  Using clairvoyant sight, when a client's diamond-like consciousness is coherently expressed, a series of diamonds vertically stacked on top of another will appear and remain in place.  A template similar to the double helix strand of DNA or the diamond pattern on Native American Apache olla baskets.  If a client is entering into or stabilizing their diamond consciousness, I will see their energetic structure transform into a more resonate template, that of the diamond.  The process of assimilating new, more coherent beliefs is a process and that process illustrates itself as various geometric structures in motion.  Likewise, if a client is rapidly moving into a fuller expression, diamond-like shapes appear and begin to link together forming a moving strand.  While all of us are under tremendous transformation, these clients exhibited similar traits. Among those traits are the ability to see situations from multiple viewpoints, disengagement from judgment, increasing self-responsibility, and a desire to expand their unique capabilities.  As one becomes more interconnected with the isness of their being, heightened sensitivity occurs, almost as a result of the consciousness itself.

Thank you very much Althea!! I really enjoyed our session this afternoon - thank you for the clearing, the activations, the expanded awareness and the healing I received. An energetic Magical mystical tour!!! I love it!!! Blessings, Bronwen

The commonality amongst all clients, and perhaps a universal one, is that inquiry activates and engages the field and the quantum field responds in kind. A boomerang effect.  As a clairvoyant, one quality that bears repeating is the desire to know the truth, truth that is created from love and expressed as love.  To KNOW thyself.  
Hello November… 


Althea Provost is a Colorado-based writer, clairvoyant and soul traveler. As a spiritual teacher, working for the empowerment of star seeds, Althea meets you where you are and together, higher self to higher self, provides now moment guidance. Her company, Thea’s Heart, LLC provides Starseed Adventures to sacred sites for initiation, activation and to awaken others to their next level of awareness.