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"Heaven on earth" was Althea Provost's earliest childhood memory; heaven experienced as a continued state of unified consciousness.  Her birth gifts include heightened perceptional states such as clairvoyance with precognition, and an ability to see through the façade of the human container.  

As a young child sitting beneath the night sky, she held an absolute knowing that the stars represented home.  Early childhood experiences with duality created enough contrast that Althea found herself at a choice point: to trust the divine will or to develop the personal will.   At ten years of age, she chose the latter.  If her inner guidance said, "turn right," Althea purposely turned left.  

Through a series of "wake-ups" initiated throughout adulthood, Althea began to reconsider her attitude toward otherworldliness.  Although she would pivot on her heels when encountering conscious contact, she couldn’t avoid the impression divine energy had on her consciousness.    

Integration and awakening to greater aspects of oneself are like two sides of the same coin.  When Althea awakened to one aspect of her star lineage - a Grey, she would have preferred 'not knowing.'  In time, she integrated her star lineage, which led to heightened experiences with universality.  An integration that moves beyond a skin-suit and all conceptual understandings, where she and Source merge as one.    


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On an early November day, I took advantage of a moment between client sessions to meditate. With my mind’s eye, I observed a series of circles stacked on top of each other forming a columnar wave of white light above my head. My physical body began to heat up, and I sensed my energy field expanding. I watched the animated light with curiosity; the circles appeared to be moving up or down, like a torus (think donut) that folds in on itself. My interest remained peaked, but my attention withdrew to prepare for my next client.solar wind

A week later, I was sitting in on a presentation called Earth Cycles, Changes, and Implications, by Dr. Robert Schoch, an American geologist who is known for dating the age of the Sphinx with scientific rigor. I was aware of Schoch’s discovery but hadn’t read his book, Forgotten Civilizations: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future. During his lecture, Schoch skillfully argued that ancient ancestors were recording solar outbursts onto cave walls and wood slabs, like the Easter Island Rongorongo tablet. Schoch presented the work of Dr. Anthony Peratt, an American scientist with a Ph.D. in plasma physics.  When this picture of Peratt’s plasma experiment was shared, much to my surprise, the photograph presented a similar columnar wave of light. Perattss Plasma studies In a compare and contrast format, Peratt illustrated how plasma forms appear similar to petroglyphs and glyphs on the Rongorongo tablet. Post the lecture, I found the following sentence in Schoch’s book interesting:

Detailed analysis has demonstrated that spontaneous cases of such mental phenomena as telepathy and clairvoyance are correlated with geomagnetic fluctuations (Wilkinson and Gauld 1993).” 1

When a solar burst occurs, you can thank the sun for any extrasensory sight or inner knowing gained afterward. Carving a rock is optional.



Peratt’s correlation wasn’t a stretch for me to understand. I have hiked into my fair share of caves, viewed Paleolithic cave paintings, including many dots and dashes indicating something long forgotten yet duly recorded on cave walls. Recently, in my travels to Australia, I observed glyphs both proto-Egyptian and star seeded ones that conveyed a history most folks would have difficulty digesting. And yet, I found my traveling companion and a fellow embodied Grey, both experienced spontaneous recall of a time long forgotten, simply by visiting the site area and seeing the glyphs. Through Aboriginal sharing, I have viewed ancient handheld rocks marked with the original Star languages and seen rock wands that were used to levitate heavy items.  

Additionally, my work as a clairvoyant has led to experiences with light and how light can shift human consciousness. In client sessions, I often witness DNA strands in motion. However, these light strands do not look like the petroglyphs Dr. Peratt was using to substantiate his findings. I have not seen within my minds eye a line drawn down the center of DNA strands, whether in motion or motionless.  At best, one can only wonder why our ancient ancestors felt compelled to draw that particular symbol onto stones.  We have yet to answer why that symbol appears across the globe and throughout ancient time.  

Over the weekend, on a recommendation from Lauren Galey of Quantum Conversations, and thanks to a free trial to Gaia TV, I watched season one of Cosmic Disclosure. David Wilcox and Coorey Goode presented many ideas; however, I found the broadcast "Electric Sun" which discussed spheres and solar activity intriguing.2 Having had personal experiences with sphere beings, see Energetic Stretch, I pondered on the idea that spheres were mitigating the powerful effects of interstellar light and the potential effects from our Sun’s “solar sneeze.”3 I skipped to season six to find the power of solar light to transform and destroy life continued to be a theme in Cosmic Disclosure. And now, ET consciousness in the form of sphere beings are factored into the conversation. Hum….

Happy holidays. I wish you rays of light for recalibration and evolution, may we continue to share and serve the planet as one.

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2 Wilcox, David (Instructor/Host), Goode, Corey (Guest). "Electric Sun." Cosmic Disclosure. Gaia TV. S1:E9, Boulder, CO, Aug. 2015. Streaming television.
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Althea Provost is a Colorado-based writer, clairvoyant and soul traveler.  As a spiritual teacher, working for the empowerment of star seeds, Althea meets you where you are and together, higher self to higher self, provides now moment guidance. Her company, Thea’s Heart, LLC provides Starseed Adventures to sacred sites for initiation, activation and to awaken others to their next level of awareness.

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